Column Pedestal Sinks Series is one of hot selling series from Yunnuo Sanitary ware, the column pedestal wash basin can be two sets, three sets, four sets, five sets ; We usually selling basins, pedestal, plate, mirror, shelf together. We have customization options for size, colour and style. We can produce Antique style, modern style, Nordic industrial style, color combination etc, Chinese Blue and White hand made hand painted pedestal wash basin from Yunnuo Sanitary Ware is very good selling, gold & silver free standing basins also hot selling all over the world .

Column pedestal sinks apply for bathroom, balcony, bedroom, outdoor projects. They are made from high temperature and are not afraid of wind and rain and sun. The material of Yunnuo Art Basin is Kaolin clay, they are eco- friendly, we can make in any color like Blue & white, famille rose, color glazed, golden, silver, marble, copper. The finish of pedestal wash basin surface can be Shinning color, matt color, polished, rough, etc. Its very easy to clean.

We have excellent quality and Professional and safe package, easier to transport. We are your best choice . 

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