Yunnuo Art Basin is one of the best wash basins manufactures in China, we supply all kinds of bathroom basins to wholesalers & factories. We have our own designs and work teams, we have thousands designs art basins which are hot selling all over the world. Using only the best materials, we create unique and beautiful pieces of art. Each of our porcelain art basins are hand finished using a range of techniques and decorated with designs that have inspired us from around the world. Our basin is made up of 72 crafts, each of basin is a work of art. Our basins are spread all over the world, and Our basins are showing in most market in the world . 

Our basins support customization, most of our basins are fired at 1360 degrees high temperature, the color hundreds years no change. Our basins are environmentally friendly, durable and have long life cycle . 

If you want to know more product details, feel free to contact us. We have professional wash basin design according to your requirements. We are looking forward to cooperating with you!

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