Foshan Promise Art Basin company has more than 10 years production experience for ceramic wash basins. We are cooperating with mostly Bathroom Brand sellers , Sanitary ware Wholesales, Cabinet factories, Trading companies, projects, Chain stores, Online shops, Groupon etc. We have above counter top basins, Taichung Basins and under counter basins. Our product styles are: antique style, modern industrial style, fashion style, colorful style, traditional Chinese style, Nordic style etc. The colors of our ceramic bathroom sink are: pure black, pure white, pure coffee color, pure red color, pure green color, gray color, green color, yelow color, colorful glazed color, antique color, gold color, silver color, bronze, metal glaze, etc

Our products are apply for hotel bathroom decoration, home decoration, coffee shop decoration, toilet decoration, balcony decoration, outdoor decoration etc. Our ceramic wash basins are durable & beautiful, we are you best choice . 


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