Yunnuo pedestal bathroom sinks are all very beautiful, they are not only can be used as bathroom decoration, but also can be an art of home decorate. They are100 % by handmade, the size can be big & small. The surface can be shinning color, matte color, polished, rough. They are porcelain and can be made at any color. Over 1300 degree firing, Durable, Never fade color. Various colors, patterns and size suitable.

Our freestanding basin can be seen in anywhere in the market. We are cooperating with mostly Bathroom Brand sellers, Sanitary ware Wholesales, Cabinet factories, Trading companies, projects, Chain stores, Online shops, Groupon etc. Pedestal bathroom sinks can let us home more beautiful and comfortable . Yunnuo is one of the best freestanding basin and sinks manufactures in China, we have hundreds of designs pedestal basin, and Various colors, patterns and size suitable. Want to have more beautiful bathroom? Welcome to contact us . 

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