China handmade art basins famous all over the world, Foshan Yunnuo Art basin is one of the best wash basins suppliers in China. We produce thousands designs art basins to wholesalers. We have many kinds of basins shapes, like round shape, oval shape, square shape, rectangular shape, triangular shape . In addition, we have developed many themed shapes, such as lotus shape, petal shape, leaf shape, hand shape, boat shape, stone shape etc. The craftsmanship of our basins are: hand-painted, hand-glazed, hand-applied, hand-carved, under the glaze and over the glaze, ice crack .

Why we call handmade art basins? Because most of basins are manual pull embryo ,they are solid and very heavy. Our artist hand painted, hand carved, hand coloring and firing at 1360 high temperature . Our wash basins are durable , practical and beautiful. What's more, Many products are independently developed by us. We are the first-hand source and we can give you the best price. We are your best choice .

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