Yunnuo luxury bathroom sinks are very hot selling in Middle East and Asia market. Our gold designs have many kinds shapes, like round shape, oval shape, square shape, rectangular shape, triangular shape, lotus shape, petal shape, leaf shape, hand shape, boat shape, stone shape etc. Our gold basins series craft also can firstly hand -painted, hand -applied, hand-carved, ice crack then Gold plating. Our gold basins are very beautiful carved, they are solid & heavy. We have very strictly QC, and we have excellent quality with the best price .

Our luxury bathroom sinks have matte surface and polished surface. Both all are very beautiful, we have customization options for size, colour and style. Yunnuo luxury bathroom gold basins can be seen anywhere in the world. We show our basins to our agent in most China Market, and they help us to export to the world . Our basins are very hot selling to the world.

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