Foshan Yunnuo Art Bathroom have vanity mirror & mirror framing kits. We have 5 designs material of bathroom mirrors, such as : ceramic mirror, iron mirror, stainless steel mirror, resin mirror, sandstone mirror. They are Home Decorators Collection .

The shapes of our mirror are: circular mirror, reunion line mirror, square mirror, oval mirror, rectangular mirror etc. Our round bathroom mirrors are hot selling in the international market. Mirrors colors are: black, white, coffee, gray, colorful, beige, gold, silver etc. Ceramic mirrors are our hand-made mirror designs, any color and pattern are available in ceramic mirrors. We support customization for mirrors. For bathroom wholesalers, only buy frames without mirrors is available. We also have smart mirrors, and any style of smart mirrors is custom-made. The functions of the smart mirror are: lighting, anti-fog function, music Bluetooth function, display temperature function, time display etc.

If want beautiful designs of vanity mirror for bathrooms , welcome to call us .

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