Sandstone is an eco-friendly stone, its products have no pollution, no radiation, no reflection, no weathering, no discoloration, heat absorption, heat preservation, anti-slip and other characteristics. Sandstone is the most widely used stone material by human beings. Its noble and elegant temperament, natural and environment-friendly characteristics make it a wonderful flower in the history of architecture. The Louvre, decorated with sandstone hundreds of years ago, the British royal palace, the United States Capitol, Harvard University, Notre Dame DE Paris, and so on, is still alive and well today.

Sandstone sinks are very beautiful, they can decorate in home, in bathroom, balcony and outdoors. Our sandstone basin are durable in nature and have smooth finishing. Sandstone hand carving sink bathroom with faucet hole cut and also can decorate some mosaic & gold & silver inside. They looks very nice .

 We offer the entire product range in standard sizes and designs and are in adherence with set quality standards. They are easy to clean and add attractive look to the surroundings. Welcome to OEM sandstone sinks. We are your best choice. Pedestal sinks for sale, please contact us!

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